Who Are RoSPA? – RoSPA Explained

January 11, 2019

RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) are a registered charity devised to prevent workplace accidents that can cause life altering accidents. Their mission brings people together to discover life-enhancing skills which reduces accidental injuries, allowing everybody to enjoy life to the maximum. RoSPA collaborate with experts from a range of industries as well as people who have been affected by accidents.

The charity also oversees the approval of various vital high quality online health and safety training courses, most of which are available through Safety Services Direct. This ensures the training you take has been approved by the best experts in the country, dedicated to helping people and organisations.

Origins of RoSPA

RoSPA formed in 1916 due to the increase in road accidents during World War I. More accidents occurred on roads because due to the restricted street lighting that was put in place during nights. The “Safety First” council was started on 1st December 1916 to tackle accidents and prevent more accidents happening.

An early campaign that garnered success introduced the rule that pedestrians face oncoming traffic as they crossed a road. The campaign decreased the amount of people stepping into the path of oncoming traffic by 70%.

By 1918, RoSPA had helped introduce the British Industrial Safety First Association (BISFA) to improve workplace safety across the country. RoSPA appointed HRH The Duke of York as president in 1920 and a patron after that.

RoSPA’s Influence on Society

The relentless campaigning of people within RoSPA has helped in the introduction of laws that we consider the norm nowadays.

Green Cross Code

The memorable adverts of British actor David Prowse as a costumed hero who taught children road safety and how to cross the road.

Compulsory Wearing of Seatbelts

In 1983, after a long battle through parliament, RoSPA’s push for the wearing of seatbelts to be made law came true.

Drink Drive Legislation

RoSPA proved that a drink drive limit was needed to avoid serious accidents. A limit of 80 milligrams was set.

Institution of Industrial Safety Officers

This professional body was set up for health and safety in the workplace.

Driver Profiler

This RoSPA online risk assessment tool allows businesses to measure the driving ability of employers without having to leave the workplace.

RoSPA and Health and Safety

For the leading thinking behind health and safety in the workplace, you will find this at RoSPA. With a promotion of key issues, RoSPA looked to secure lasting change. These key issues are:

  • Helping small businesses
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Leadership from directors
  • Leadership of teams
  • Involving workers
  • Occupational road risk management
  • Learning from failures in safety
  • Going public on performance
  • Safety 24/7

RoSPA Training

Safety Services Direct have a selection of RoSPA approved online courses, covering a range of health and safety related training. Our RoSPA training includes:

Such their focus and dedication to the cause of preventing accidents in the workplace, this list of approved causes proves their wide range of health and safety expertise. With such knowledge, the workplace will be even safer thanks to RoSPA.

To make your workplace even safer thanks to RoSPA’s online courses, order your courses online or get in touch with us for more information.


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