Why should you use Safety Services Direct Ltd and what makes us different (better)?

First of all we listen to our clients and provide them with what they actually need.

We are professional health and safety consultants employing chartered health and safety practitioners; chartered engineers and chartered environmentalists.

All our consultants are fully NEBOSH qualified and are IOSH accredited members with many years onsite experience. As such they fully understand the many challenges faced when working on site.

We are an award winning health and safety consultancy having been recognised by the federation of small businesses for the work we carry out for our clients.

We are always available, you will not have to wait days or even hours for us to get back to you, we understand that time is money and delays can be both frustrating and costly for any organisation.

Also, unlike many consultants, we will actually do your paperwork for you (if that is what you want), rather than just tell you what to do and leaving you to it.

Of course at the end of the day, we will always be judged by the quality and standards of our work – and that is why we have a rapidly growing client base of over 20,000 contractors, most of which continue to come back to us on a regular basis.

We offer a growing suite of health and safety training courses and a huge selection of PPE and health and safety supplies.

I have been trying to logon to my course but it comes up that my details can not be found - what is wrong?

What has happened is that you are typing your code into the boxes and mixing up O with 0 and I with 1. Copy and paste each section of the code to each box and make sure that you put the email address of the person that the original email was sent to.

The course has frozen whilst I am doing it - What do I do?

The course has not frozen, what has happened is that the temporary memory of your computer has got clogged up. You need to shut your computer down completely, leave it switched off for 30 seconds so it can clear its memory and switch it back on, log back on to the course and the course will continue.

I have logged on but the course will not go past slide one - why?

What has happened is that you are using a Browser such as Internet Explorer and in certain circumstances it stops the flashplayer running on you computer. Go into the Browsers security setting and turn off this feature or open the course in a more stable browser such as Google Chrome.

I have been told that i need access to Competent Health & Safety Advice - Do I legally have to?

Under Regulation 7 of The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 you are legally required to have access to competent Health & Safety advice and where this can not be sourced in-house you can appoint an external consultant such as ourselves. We call this our Safety Advisory Service (SAS). 

I need a method statement written can you do that?

Yes we can but you need to call us so we can discuss with you the details about what you need. We will advise you of the cost for us to produce the document and the timescales, usually we can turn around work very quickly as we know you are under pressure too!

I have a quote from another consultant - can I send it to you to see if you can do it cheaper?

We usually find that in such examples you are not comparing Apples with Apples. You may have a quote from someone that says they can produce a good professional standard, but have you checked their qualifications, experience and overall competence? Our prices are fixed. We do not inflate them for one person and reduce them for another, we do not compare our prices with other ‘consultants’ we offer at all times the fairest and best price that we can.

You say you offer out-of-hours email support - are you open 24 hours a day?

We offer out-of-hours email support for individuals that are still working when everyone else has stopped! We appreciate that you work hard during the day, someone is usually available to respond to emails from 9am until around 5pm. If you need assistance, leave your telephone number as it is often quicker to resolve an issue by talking. We are, of course, available to answer any questions during normal working hours by telephone or email.


Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays: Closed

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