Onsite Health and Safety Audit

Onsite Health and Safety Audit

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The key to ensuring that your business remains safe and compliant as it changes and grows or as laws are updated is to carry out a regular onsite health and safety audit.


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What is an Onsite Health and Safety Audit?

An onsite health and safety audit is a comprehensive and independent assessment of all things health and safety at your organisation.
This includes a review of health and safety documentation and an evaluation of health and safety systems and processes, which is then measured against regulated criteria to ensure health and safety standards are being upheld to a legal minimum.

The aim of the onsite audit is to identify any areas of your business that may be outdated or non-compliant so that the appropriate measures can be put in place to correct this and keep your workers and visitors safe.

Onsite Health and Safety Audit Checklist

To get a better understanding of what a health and safety audit entails. You should be answering the following questions:

  • Are our health and safety documents up to date and available to all employees?
  • Is everyone aware of their health and safety responsibilities?
  • How are we recording workplace accidents?
  • How often are we doing safety checks?
  • When was our last fire risk assessment?
  • Is our First Aid Kit fully stocked and easily accessible?
  • What training have we provided to our employees?

This is just an example of the types of issues that a robust health and safety audit will address.

Our Onsite Health and Safety Audits

We can provide you with a qualified consultant who can conduct a thorough health and safety audit of your business to ensure that you meet the legal health and safety standards set by the HSE.

The consultant will visit your premises to carry out an extensive on-site audit and meet with the person(s) responsible for health and safety at your business. During this visit, your dedicated consultant will assess the entire site and all the health and safety processes and systems that have been put in place, as well as review your documentation, such as health and safety policies.

Following this, your consultant will put together a bespoke report of their findings from the on-site audit which will highlight any areas within your business that are not complying with current regulations or that could be putting your workers at risk.
The report will also suggest what improvements and adjustments can be made and what measures should be put in place to bring your workplace up to HSE standards.

If required, we can provide ongoing support and advice, and even help you implement these measures and update your health and safety documentation so that you can be certain everything is done correctly and that you have one less thing to worry about.

Our health and safety audits serve a range of industries, including construction, retail and manufacturing, and are tailored to each as the needs and concerns can vary between industries.

COVID-19 arrangements to ensure your workplace is COVID-secure

Your qualified consultant will also provide checks for your COVID-19 arrangements to ensure your workplace is COVID-secure.

The consultant will conduct a risk assessment to monitor what safety measures you have in place regarding COVID-19. Some examples below of what businesses should be checking and what our consultant will look out for include:

  • Whether regular touchpoints, such as door handles and buttons, are cleaned often
  • What social distancing measures do you have in place, so workers are a comfortable and safe distance from each other
  • Restrictions on the number of people in small spaces such as kitchens, small office rooms, meeting rooms, lifts, and so on
  • One-way systems so workers can avoid crossing paths in tight-spaced areas
  • Varying start and finish times, or if you have staff working from home, to prevent larger groups in communal areas

From this, the consultant will produce a detailed report to identify what areas in your business require improvement and offer advice and suggestions on making your workplace more COVID-secure.

If you would like a bespoke quote for our on-site health and safety audits, call us today on 01237 477 931.

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