ConstructionLine Accreditation & Application Help

ConstructionLine Accreditation & Application Help

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Safety Services Direct can provide you with the support of our professional health and safety advisors to assist you in completing your ConstructionLine Application. This also includes ongoing assistance for your company via our telephone and email support service to ensure that, even after you have ConstructionLine accreditation, you still have access to health and safety advice whenever you need it.

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If you need help with your purchase or have any questions call our consultant on 0123 747 7931

What is ConstructionLine Accreditation

ConstructionLine is one of the founding members of SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) and is recognised by most clients and other organisations, including the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), as being an Approved Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.

Being ConstructionLine accredited means that your business has met the health and safety standards as set by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. This assures clients that you have been measured by a common minimum health and safety standard and met the requirements as assessed by ConstructionLine.

Benefits of ConstructionLine Accreditation

ConstructionLine is the largest pre-qualification database in the UK and the leading procurement and supply chain management service. With ConstructionLine accreditation, you will gain access to this huge database giving your business a promotional boost that would have cost thousands.

Furthermore, many contractors now use ConstructionLine to pre-qualify your business and show your ability to safely carry out a project. Therefore, without ConstructionLine accredited status, you could be preventing business from coming your way.

It also means that you won't have to frequently complete questionnaires and documentation to get onto tender lists, as ConstructionLine accreditation is recognised and accepted within the industry, saving you time and money.

Free Client Portal

When purchasing your ConstructionLine Accreditation & Application SSIP, you will also receive access to a bespoke online portal where all your certifications, RAMS and training documentation will be held. Giving you ease of access whether you are on-site or within the office.  This portal is Free of Charge to all our SSIP Clients.

Need help with your ConstructionLine Accreditation/Application?

We have a team of professional and experienced health and safety advisors who can assist your company with the completion of your ConstructionLine accreditation application so that you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

As your retained health and safety advisors, we can complete the key ConstructionLine Questionnaires on your behalf and help in the preparation of the supporting health and safety and environmental documentation that needs to be uploaded during your ConstructionLine application.

Please note that, despite the claims of some of our competitors, success can never be guaranteed as the ConstructionLine assessment is not carried out by ourselves and depends on a wide number of factors. However, we do have an excellent track record and an enviably high success rate in helping and assisting organisations through the accreditation process.

So, if you are asking yourself

  • Will ConstructionLine accreditation benefit me?
  • How do I start the ConstructionLine registration process?
  • What is involved in a ConstructionLine application?
  • How do I pass my ConstructionLine assessment?
  • Do I have the right documentation for my ConstructionLine application?

You need to call us on 0121 756 7204 to speak to one of our consultants about your ConstructionLine application.

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