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DSE Online Training

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ErgoWize DSE (Display Screen Equipment) training course is the easiest way to achieve compliance across your entire workforce when it comes to Display Screen Equipment. This acts as an E-learning and Workstation Risk Assessment system and has been approved by RoSPA. It is recognised by major clients, contractors and all SSIP Schemes such as CHAS, SafeContractor, ConstructionLine and EXOR.


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Online DSE Training & Risk Assessment Course Overview

  • PLEASE NOTE: This course cannot be taken on a mobile phone
  • Approved by RoSPA
  • Professional Online Training Coursem
  • Course can be taken on desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Instant 24/7 access
  • Download DSE certificate upon completion
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Chartered health and safety e-learning supplier

ErgoWize DSE Training Course Online

Persistent use of Display Screen Equipment, if not correctly assessed and monitored, can lead to health issues such as musculoskeletal disorders of which there were 539,000 cases in 2015/16.

A comprehensive DSE assessment should be carried out to reduce this risk and our RoSPA approved online ErgoWize DSE training is the most efficient way of carrying out this assessment.
This online course covers the use of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, TV screens and even smartphones so if your organisation involves the use of any of these items, then this is the course for you!

Please note: This e-learning course only provides awareness education. Face to face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.

Our ErgoWize DSE E-Learning and risk assessment is one of the most advanced DSE compliance software available. Users complete the training first before moving onto the risk assessment, which has been designed to help users solve most of their issues themselves.

This is achieved using tailored advice that loads during the risk assessment.

Any issues that cannot be resolved at source by the user is flagged up to DSE Assessors/line managers/ Health & Safety advisors or whoever is responsible for resolving DSE risk in the workplace.
Risk assessment issues are prioritised so the user who needs the most urgent attention is seen first and a full audit trail can be recorded for the resolution of each issue.

Who Is the ErgoWize DSE Training For?

This course is ideal for employees who spend most their working day at a work station or in front of Display Screen Equipment.
This is most common amongst professions such as administration, accounting, IT, graphic design, journalism, marketing and other office based roles.

Benefits of our Online ErgoWize DSE Course

  • Immediately communicates DSE policy to employees
  • Mitigates responsibility in case of a DSE related claim
  • Audit trail - evidence of completion and understanding of the DSE training course
  • Online DSE training is a highly cost and time effective way of training and assessing a large number of staff
  • Flexible online training system which means that the course doesn't interfere with working hours and can be completed at a convenient time

ErgoWize DSE Training Objectives

The ErgoWize DSE Training Course aims to teach employees:

  • A comfortable sitting posture
  • Correct keyboard and mouse techniques
  • The importance of organising a workstation to suit individual needs
  • The importance of varying posture throughout the day
  • Eyestrain prevention and eyesight policy
  • The correct use of laptops and other Immediately communicate DSE policy
  • The benefit of simple stretching exercises at regular intervals

ErgoWize DSE Course Structure and Content

This course is broken into six modules with a test at the end. It covers:

  • Overview
  • Correct posture
  • Workstation equipment
  • Additional issues
  • Mobile devices
  • Exercises
  • Test

DSE Training Certification

Once the DSE course has been completed successfully, you can instantly download the DSE certificate and print as hard copy evidence of completion, or save and email to the necessary party for an electronic version.


Discounted prices are available for bulk purchases of our Online ErgoWize DSE Training Course as listed above! The discount will be calculated automatically at the checkout so just select the quantity of training courses that you require and make your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the some questions we commonly get asked about our DSE online training course.

What is display screen equipment training?

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training is a course that teaches users how to work safely and comfortably with computer monitors and other similar equipment. It covers topics such as posture, eye strain, and ergonomics to prevent health problems associated with the prolonged use of display screens.

What must all employees be trained on for DSE?

All employees using Display Screen Equipment (DSE) must be trained on the following:

  1. How to use the equipment correctly and safely, including posture and eye-level recommendations
  2. How to adjust equipment to suit individual needs
  3. Identification of health problems associated with prolonged use of DSE
  4. Measures to prevent or reduce risks associated with the use of DSE
  5. How to take regular breaks to reduce the risk of health problems
  6. Reporting procedures for reporting any problems with the equipment or related health issues.

How often do you need to do DSE training?

DSE training should be completed annually as this will ensure your employees remain protected from any DSE-related physical or mental issues.

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