Young Persons Risk Assessment

Young Persons Risk Assessment

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When employing a young person, particularly if it’s for the first time or they have particular needs, then it will be necessary to undergo a specific risk assessment for said new employee. Our professional safety consultants can prepare your Young Persons Risk Assessment and Method Statement for you.


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Young Persons Risk Assessment Information

As part of our bespoke risk assessment and method statement writing service, we can prepare a specific document for any young people that you may employ.

What defines a “young person” in the workplace?

A young person is defined as anyone under the age of 18, so they often fall under the category of work experience or internships.

Do I need a young persons’ risk assessment?

When inducting a young person into the workplace, a review of your risk assessment may be necessary if this is the first time you have employed younger people, or if said person has certain needs. This is especially true if the work environment is one of substantial risk such as a factory or construction site.

Remember, a young person will not have as much work experience, if any at all, or, in some cases, as much physical capability as an older person.
Therefore, they may require specific/extensive training and supervision where other, more experienced employees don't.

You also need to consider that a young persons working hours are less than that of someone 18 or over and that there are other labour laws which will differ depending on age.

Our professional safety consultants can prepare this risk assessment for you and clearly communicate to parents, schools and other necessary parties, exactly what risks are involved in the role and what measures have been put into place to reduce or remove this risk.

If you require this writing service or have any queries about young persons’ risk assessments, then you can speak directly to one of our advisors on 01237 477 931.

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