Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Safety Log Book

Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Safety Log Book

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The Fire Risk Assessments package is suitable for use by most small to medium sized organisations and companies.

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The Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Safety Log Book package has been specifically designed to assist UK based organisations to comply with, and understand their statutory duties under UK Fire Safety Legislation, and in particular addresses the need for undertaking Fire Risk Assessments under the new Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Safety Log Book package offers over 100 pages of comprehensive guidance/information, example risk assessments and blank pro forma's, all of which have been professionally prepared by our health and safety experts.

The Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Safety Log Book software includes: information and background data on why fire risk assessments are required; the legal requirements; when, how and who should carry out risk assessments; Blank pro formas for the software user to prepare his own Fire Risk Assessments; 16 completed example Fire Risk Assessments for key locations and areas contained within most workplaces. Hot Works Permit System; Comprehensive Fire Safety Log Book; Fire Safety Policy; Fire Safety Tips and Guidance; Fire Action Notice (x2); Fire Marshall's Hi Visibility Vest.

Each of the example fire risk assessments assesses the risk and specifies the control measures.

The Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Safety Log Book software package can also help organisations to: Comply with their legal obligations; Carry out and manage their work safely; Reduce the risk of a fire occurring in the workplace; Demonstrate competence and commitment to maintaining health and safety within the workplace.

The Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Safety Log Book software package is extremely comprehensive and has been specifically designed for all types of organisation, particularly small to medium sized organisations, including: Office based organisations (solicitors, call centres, accountants, estate agents, couriers etc.); Shops and retail based organisations; Public buildings and local authorities; Manufacturing companies; Warehousing and factories; Leisure facilities, care homes and schools.

The Fire Risk Assessments package has been prepared as a Microsoft Word document and all forms are colour coded for ease of reference. Blank forms are also included to allow users to create their own Fire Risk Assessments. Users can therefore create their own extended library of Fire Risk Assessments for use within their organisation. All the documents are fully customisable and the user has full control over the content of both the Fire Risk Assessments, Hot Work Permits and Fire Safety Log Book.

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