Risk Assessment & Method Statement Amendments

Risk Assessment & Method Statement Amendments

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Amendments to existing previously prepared Method Statement.


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Risk Assessment Amendments and Method Statement Updates

Customers who require updates or amendments to be made to their risk assessment and method statement previously prepared by our health and safety advisors can take advantage of our expert follow up service.

When do I need to update a risk assessment?

Risk assessments should be updated in the case of changes to health and safety legislation, changes to your business such as an increase in staff or new premises, or as part of your annual risk assessment review.

It's important that you regularly review your risk assessment and method statement to ensure that it is up to date as laws and business needs change. Failure to update your risk assessment and method statement could result in your documentation no longer being compliant with current health and safety standards.

As part of our risk assessment writing service, our expert safety practitioners can implement the necessary alterations to any existing risk assessment and method statement that has been previously prepared by us.

How often do I need a risk assessment?

There is no specific time frame within which risk assessments should be carried out. But the HSE says that a risk assessment should be carried out every time a new machine, procedure or challenge that presents new risks is introduced to the workplace.

Even if there are no changes made in a year or more, it is advised that regular risk assessments are carried out to ensure that you are still compliant with the law.

Do risk assessments expire?

Risk assessments do not carry an expiry date; however, it is important that they are regularly reviewed.

To discuss our risk amendment service further, you can speak directly to our consultants on 01237 477 931 or email us at info@safetyservicesdirect.com

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