Prevent Duty Online Training Course

Prevent Duty Online Training Course

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Prevent Duty Online Training Courses available from just £7.50 per course. You can earn your prevent duty training certificate in less than an hour with this comprehensive online course. Start your online prevent duty course today.


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Online Prevent Duty Training Course Overview

  • PLEASE NOTE: This course cannot be taken on a mobile phone
  • Professional Online Training Course
  • Course can be taken on desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Instant 24/7 access
  • Download certification upon completion
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Chartered health and safety e-learning supplier

Prevent Duty Training Course Online

Under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, educators and childcare providers have a responsibility to identify and act upon any young people who may be at risk of radicalisation.
The prevent duty focuses on protecting young people from extremism similar to how safeguarding is about protecting them from other types of harm such as neglect, drugs and violence.

This 50 minute online prevent duty training course outlines the key responsibilities of teachers, educators and other employees within a school, university or childcare community and provides awareness training on how to help safeguard individuals from extremism.

The course will detail ways in which to identify vulnerable children and young people who are at risk of radicalisation and the actions that should follow. It also explores the role of the internet in radicalisation and why information through this medium must be critically analysed.

Who Is the Prevent Duty Training For?

This prevent duty online training course is aimed at educators and anyone who works with students and young people in any capacity.

Benefits of our Prevent Duty Training

  • Ensure that users are aware of their responsibilities under prevent duty
  • Reduce the risk of radicalisation
  • Low cost, high quality online training
  • Flexible online training system which means that the course doesn't interfere with working hours and can be completed at a convenient time
  • No costs for travelling to remote training centres to complete the training course
  • No overnight hotel/accommodation costs as the training course can be completed at home

Prevent Duty Course Objectives

This course is designed to explain exactly what prevent duty is, the risks associated with radicalisation, the actions to take if you identify a problem and information on how to help build resilience to extremism.

Prevent Duty Course Content and Structure

This Prevent Duty Course is broken into four modules with a test at the end.
The course covers:

  • An introduction to prevent duty
  • factors
  • Providing support
  • Reporting concerns

Prevent Duty Certification

Upon the completion of this course you will be provided with a prevent duty training certificate which you can download and save as a PDF or print off for your records.

When Can I Take the Prevent Duty Training Course?

You can begin your prevent duty online training as soon as you have completed your purchase, so there is no waiting around.

The course is accessible at any time of day and on a tablet, laptop or desktop so it can be taken remotely and outside of working hours.

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