Pandemic Awareness Online ELearning Health and Safety Training Course

Pandemic Awareness Online ELearning Health and Safety Training Course

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Pandemic Awareness Online Training Courses available from just £7.50 per course. You can earn your pandemic awareness training certificate in just 20 minutes with this comprehensive online course. Start your online pandemic awareness course today.


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Online Pandemic Awareness Training Course Overview

  • PLEASE NOTE: This course cannot be taken on a mobile phone
  • Professional Online Training Course
  • Course can be taken on desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Instant 24/7 access
  • Download certification upon completion
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Chartered health and safety e-learning supplier

Pandemic Awareness Training Course Online

A pandemic is a virus outbreak that emerges and spreads rapidly from person to person, such as influenza which is a seasonal example.
Pandemics can lead to high fatality numbers, but they are measured based on the speed in which they spread rather than the number of casualties they cause.

This pandemic awareness training course provides employees with information on what a pandemic is, how it spreads and what they can do to protect themselves.
It is designed to support and compliment an organisation's efforts to implement sensible control measures, such as a pandemic procedure, in preparation for the possible accelerated spread of a virus in autumn and winter.

We can customise this course to allow organisations to add any specific policies and procedures, bespoke to their business, which they wish to communicate to employees to cope with possible business disruption because of a virus outbreak.
Companies may also wish to reiterate their sick leave policies and policy on attendance for employees who are displaying symptoms.

Who Is the Pandemic Awareness Training For?

This pandemic awareness course is designed for all employees who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of pandemic's in the workplace including managers, supervisors and those with planning responsibilities.

Benefits of our Pandemic Awareness Training

  • Ensure employees are aware of the symptoms of a pandemic
  • Reduce the risk of cross infection
  • Low cost, high quality online training
  • Flexible online training system which means that the course doesn't interfere with working hours and can be completed at a convenient time
  • No costs for travelling to remote training centres to complete the training course
  • No overnight hotel/accommodation costs as the training course can be completed at home

Pandemic Awareness Course Objectives

This pandemic awareness course reinforces the basic principles of control and prevention and demonstrates your 'duty of care' to employees on this matter.
The online course also allows organisations to communicate key messages and specific company policies to staff without the need for people to assemble in groups thus reducing the risk of cross infection.

Pandemic Awareness Training Course Online

This Pandemic Awareness Course is broken into three modules with a test at the end.
The course covers:

  • Historical pandemics
  • Symptoms
  • Good hygiene
  • Antiviral drugs

Pandemic Awareness Certification

Upon the completion of this course, you will be provided with a pandemic awareness certificate that can be downloaded and saved as a PDF or printed as a hard copy.

When Can I Take the Pandemic Awareness Training Course?

Once you have completed your purchase, you can start your pandemic awareness training so there is no waiting around for a time slot and no delay in getting your certificate.

The pandemic awareness course can be accessed on your laptop, desktop or tablet and at any time of day which means it can be taken outside of working hours.

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