What Is Abrasive Wheels Training?

Oct 1, 2018

The Abrasive Wheels training course is designed to increase awareness for anyone who uses abrasive wheels as part of their job.

Online Abrasive Wheels Training Course Overview

The Online Abrasive Wheel Training Course contains a number of modules, aimed at significantly reducing the number of errors in the workplace caused by abrasive wheels. From friction burns, to crushed fingers and even loss of eyesight, injury from abrasive wheels can be severe.

At the end of completing the training you will be able to download the certificate instantly. If you’re hoping to get every person in your organisation trained, we offer bulk discounts, helping to make the training affordable for your business.

Who Is The Abrasive Wheels Training For?

The abrasive wheels training is ideal for anyone who operates abrasive wheels in a workplace setting. This includes the use of machines such as angle grinders, disc cutters and bench grinders.

The training course is beneficial for any worker who wants to have a better understanding of how to operate new abrasive wheels or workers who want to have a refresher course in this area.

How To Get The Abrasive Wheels Certificate

Upon completion of the training course, you will be able to instantly download your abrasive wheel certificate as a PDF file. This can be printed off or can be emailed to your employer, in order to prove that you have completed your training. It is recommended for audit purposes, to have evidence that employees have completed and understand the abrasive wheels training course.

The Benefits of our Online Abrasive Wheels Training

Doing the Online Abrasive Wheel training course has a number of benefits. The course ensures that employees/contractors are trained properly in safety practices and that abrasive wheels are maintained correctly. The training course raises awareness of the risks associated with the use of abrasive wheels, helping to improve risk perception and encouraging better ownership of the issues associated with working with abrasive wheels.

The course also helps to reduce the risks that are infrequent or that happen on a one-off occasion. The course has a flexible low cost and high quality course that doesn’t interfere with working hours and can be completed at a convenient time. One the plus side, this means that there is no expense costs required for the training, so it doesn’t interfere with working hours and the training can be completed at a convenient time.

When Can I Take The Abrasive Wheels Training Course?

The training course can be taken at any time including outside out of working hours. The course can be taken on a laptop, desktop or tablet, the course takes around 90 minutes to complete, where you and your workers can be qualified in less than two hours.

Pricing and Purchasing the Course

If you want have a number of people that want to take the course, we can offer a discounted price for bulk purchases. The discount is calculated automatically at checkout, so you just have to select the quantity of the training course that you want to make a purchase on. You can purchase the Online Abrasive Wheels Training Course here

Want to know more? Check out the Safety Service Direct website for more information. Please contact us on 01237 477 931 or email


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