Financial Wellbeing Training Course Online

Financial Wellbeing Training Course Online

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The Financial Wellbeing course defines and provides clear, practical information that will help you achieve financial wellbeing. There is a description of the connection between financial wellbeing and mental and physical health. The course covers topics like spending, borrowing, saving, financial planning and how to avoid being scammed.


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Financial Wellbeing

A general misconception around financial wellbeing is that it is down to the individual, however both employer and employee are responsible to work together to maintain financial wellbeing. As financial security is fundamental to wellbeing and money worries can affect both physical and mental health, it is important employers communicate what support systems are in place for employees to seek out if needed.

Supporting employees on how to stabilise their financial future - by knowing how to sufficiently manage money through spending, saving, and borrowing to make plans for the future can relieve a lot of stress. This in turn will not only improve their personal lives, but also their working lives and work performance.

Course Content and Outcome

This Financial Wellbeing Training course details what financial wellbeing is, the importance of having financial security and how you can achieve this to give you peace of mind and not have it impact your work life.

Financial terms can be quite intimidating but with our course, we cut out the jargon. Our course demonstrates the key concepts of financial wellbeing - budgeting, debt repayment strategies, investment, and financial planning in simple, easily understandable terms for the best learning experience.

It also provides advice on when Is best for learners to reach out for independent financial advice (IFA) and details exactly what to look for in an IFA to cover all areas and help you get the outcome you need.

Course duration is roughly 25 minutes and once you have successfully completed the course and achieved the pass threshold, you will be awarded a personalised certificate to verify that your business is complying with its legal obligations and requirements. This can be viewed and downloaded upon completion.

The course can be taken on a laptop, desktop, or tablet and is fully flexible with the ability to access at any time of the day whether at work or from the comfort of your own home.

Who is the Financial Wellbeing Training course for?

This is ideal for employees across all industries as financial wellbeing is a key factor in everyone's lives.


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