Environmental Awareness Online Training Course

Environmental Awareness Online Training Course

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Environmental Awareness Online Training Courses available from just £7.50 per course. You can earn your environmental awareness training certificate in less than an hour with this comprehensive online course. Start your online environmental awareness course today.


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Online Environmental Awareness Training Course Overview

  • PLEASE NOTE: This course cannot be taken on a mobile phone
  • Professional Online Training Course
  • Course can be taken on desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Instant 24/7 access
  • Download environmental awareness certification upon completion
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Chartered health and safety e-learning supplier

Environmental Awareness Training Course Online

As resources around the world become more and more scarce, it's important that we are all aware of how we can assist in reducing the problem.

Workplaces are responsible for a lot of the energy that is used and waste generated. Rising energy and resource costs, uncertainties over future supply and stringent environmental legislation all demand that organisations pay attention to the cost of wasting resources and product excess waste.

Resource efficiency is beneficial in addressing all the above issues, and it's also an aspect of sustainable development.

This environmental awareness online course highlights the important role that everyone plays in protecting the environment, especially in the workplace, and promotes resource efficiency.
It explores ways in which you can use water and energy more efficiently and how to reduce the amount of waste produced.

Who Is the Environmental Awareness Training For?

This is an issue that affects everyone, so all employees should undergo environmental awareness training.

Benefits of our Environmental Awareness Training

  • Ensure employees are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to looking after the environment and using resources efficiently
  • Low cost, high quality online environmental awareness training
  • online training system which means that the course doesn't interfere with working hours and can be completed at a convenient time
  • No costs for travelling to remote training centres to complete the abrasive wheels training course
  • No overnight hotel/accommodation costs as the training course can be completed at home

Environmental Awareness Course Objectives

This course is designed to explain resource efficiency, highlight the environmental and business benefits of resource efficiency practices and outline the role of the individual.

Environmental Awareness Training Course Content and Structure

This Environmental Awareness Course is broken into three modules with a test at the end.
The course covers:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Environmental issues
  • Personal measures

Environmental Awareness Training Certification

Users will be required to take a final test consisting of 10 questions out of a bank of 20 with the pass threshold being set by the designated course administrator within your business.

If completed successfully, the user can download and print an environmental awareness certificate.

When Can I Take the Environmental Awareness Training Course?

You can begin your environmental awareness training immediately after completing your purchase, so there is no waiting around.

The course can be taken on a laptop, desktop or tablet and only takes approximately 40 minutes to complete which means you can be certified in less than an hour.

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