How Can Online Health and Safety Training Benefit Your Business?

December 14, 2017
What Are The Benefits of Online Health and Safety Training

The benefits of online health and safety training for businesses are staggering; so much so, that it would seem silly not to purchase a heap of courses today and start earning those all important certificates.

From Abrasive Wheels and Working At Heights to Asbestos Awareness and COSHH, we provide comprehensive and industry approved online training courses that can be taken at any time of day and started as soon as you have completed your purchase.

The benefits of such health and safety training include:

No interference with your day to day work

The course is fully flexible which means that it can be accessed from a laptop, desktop or tablet and taken at any time of day so you don’t have to complete the course whilst you are at work.
Instead, you can take it outside of working hours from the comfort of your own home keeping you as productive as possible during your typical working day and allowing you to gain knowledge and training certification in your own time – if that best suits you.

No waiting around

There’s nothing more convenient or faster than online training options because you can being your course as soon as you have finished placing your order, so there is no delay in you getting your certification.
For an urgent situation, let’s say for example you require asbestos awareness certification before you can start your next construction job, this is the quickest option for you.
You can make your purchase within minutes, start your course right away and then have your certificate in less than two hours if you successfully complete the course.

Audit Trail

With a clear paper trail, from the moment your order is complete to the minute you download your certificate, and a full breakdown of how you performed during the training course, there is extensive evidence that you have successfully completed your specific training.

This is ideal for health and safety audits and proving to potential clients that you have the qualifications and knowledge needed to safely carry out a job.

No added costs for travel or accommodation

One of the biggest benefits of online training courses, is that you don’t need to travel to a training centre miles away and potentially even spend a night in a hotel in order to complete your course.
Instead, you can access remotely from anywhere saving you on the added costs of travel and accommodation.

Interactive and engaging

With a lot of health and safety training courses, you can find that they are more interested in providing you with a lot of information and then testing you on your ability to memorise all of these details.
However, online training requires a lot more engagement and interaction which means that you are not only learning but you are more likely to retain the information and be able to apply it to your tasks.
This is far more effective than a standard training course.


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