Return to Work for Managers Training Course Online

Return to Work for Managers Training Course Online

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This online returning to work for managers training course discusses the changes that managers and employers need to make to keep everyone safe and healthy from Covid-19 when returning to work.


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Returning to Work for Managers Training Course Online

As with all health and safety risks, managers and employers have a responsibility to assess and manage the health risks associated with COVID-19 for employees returning to work, as well as customers or the general public populating the premises.

Employers will need to consider their organisations needs and safety requirements based on the type of industry, the companys size, and how it is structured. They will then need to implement the necessary measures to ensure they are safeguarding employees and others, whilst meeting and complying to industry-specific regulations.

Returning to Work for Managers Training Course Content and Outcome

This Return to Work for Managers Training course will help managers and employers to fully understand what they must do to keep their employees safe when returning to work during the pandemic.

It explains why it's important to examine the dangers posed by COVID-19 and what exactly should be included in a COVID-19 response plan, as well as detailing the complications surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine in the workplace. For example, whether or not companies can make it a mandatory measure for their staff to receive the vaccine, or whether employers can legally enquire about and record an employees vaccination status.

The course also offers a range of control measures that companies may need to implement once they have conducted a risk assessment. Such measures include:

  • Social distancing and limiting the shared use of equipment and space
  • Implementing a frequent cleaning regime especially in spaces with a lot of traffic
  • Promoting good hygiene and setting up accessible handwashing / hand sanitising stations
  • Enforcing the use of face covering or PPE where needed
  • Encouraging staff to receive their COVID-19 vaccine
  • Improving ventilation in much smaller areas

Course duration is roughly 20 minutes and once you have successfully completed the course you will be awarded a personalised certificate to verify that your business is complying with its legal obligations and requirements. This can be viewed and downloaded upon completion.

The course can be taken on a laptop, desktop, or tablet and is fully flexible with the ability to access at any time of the day whether at work or from the comfort of your own home.

Who is the Online Return to Work for Managers Training Course for?

This course is for all managers and employers who are responsible for the safety of their employees returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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