ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Gap Analysis

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Gap Analysis

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard for quality management systems (QMS). Published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), these quality management principles were created to ensure consistency in products and services provided by organisations. They set out the criteria for a systematic approach to managing an organisation’s processes in order to achieve consistent delivery of products and services that meet customer requirements.


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The primary goal of ISO 9001 is to enhance customer satisfaction and improve efficiency. The standard focuses on several key principles, including customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, systematic management, continuous improvement, evidence-based decision-making, and relationship management, which we’ll explore in greater detail below.

To achieve 9001 ISO certification, an organisation must demonstrate compliance with customer and regulatory requirements by having an audit performed by a certified third-party or independent certification body. These internal audits assess the organisation's QMS to ensure it meets the ISO 9001 criteria.

This powerful business improvement tool is applicable to a wide range of industries and organisations, and many companies even choose to implement ISO 9001 to enhance their quality management practices, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. So it’s not only about compliance; it’s about quality assurance and success.

Your Path to ISO 9001 Accreditation Success

Are you seeking ISO 9001 certification for your organisation or looking to renew your existing qualification? At Safety Services Direct, we offer a unique and comprehensive service that goes beyond simply selling accreditation. Our goal is to help you navigate the certification process smoothly and successfully, addressing potential roadblocks along the way. We understand that the journey to ISO 9001 accreditation can be daunting, especially when faced with the prospect of renewing your qualification or obtaining it for the first time. That's why we are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Obtaining ISO 9001 Accreditation for the First Time

Seeking ISO 9001 accreditation for the first time? Safety Services Direct is here to ensure everything is in place for success. Our extensive experience in risk assessments allows us to identify areas that may have been overlooked, not adequately covered, or simply missing from your current quality management system.

Our first-time accreditation service includes:

  • Initial Readiness Assessment: We'll conduct a thorough assessment of your organisation's processes, procedures and documentation to identify any gaps or areas that need improvement before proceeding with the accreditation process.
  • Tailored Implementation Guidance: Our experts will guide you in developing and implementing an ISO 9001-compliant and effective quality management system, ensuring all the necessary components are in place.
  • Documentation Support: We'll assist you in preparing all the required documentation and records needed for the accreditation process to ensure that this goes smoothly.

Renewing Your Qualification

For organisations seeking to renew their ISO 9001 qualification, we provide a thorough assessment of your existing quality management system. Our expert auditors will meticulously review your processes and identify areas where you might encounter resistance in obtaining renewal. We'll highlight potential weaknesses or non-compliance issues and provide you with clear, actionable strategies to address and surpass these obstacles.

Our renewal service includes:

  • Comprehensive System Analysis: Our experienced team will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your current QMS, ensuring all the necessary elements are in place for a successful renewal.
  • Gap Analysis: We'll pinpoint any gaps or deviations in your quality management system and provide a detailed report outlining the steps needed to meet the ISO 9001 standard statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Customised Action Plan: Based on our findings, we'll develop a tailored action plan that outlines the necessary improvements and modifications to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation renewal.
  • Guidance and Support: Our quality professionals will be by your side throughout the process, answering your questions and providing guidance on implementing the recommended changes.

Why Choose Safety Services Direct?

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Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in ISO accreditation processes, management systems, business processes and more.

We understand that every organisation is unique, so we provide customised solutions for your specific needs. We also offer ongoing support even after achieving accreditation to ensure your organisation maintains compliance and continual improvement.

Take the first step towards ISO 9001 accreditation success with Safety Services Direct. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you achieve excellence in quality management.

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