FT31 – Bitter Face Fit Testing Sensitivity Solution

FT31 – Bitter Face Fit Testing Sensitivity Solution

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3M FT31 – Bitter Sensitivity Solution3M FT31 Fit Test Sensitivity Solution (Bitter) 55ml Bottle

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3M FT31 - Bitter Sensitivity Solution for use with the FT30 (Bitter) Face Fit Testing Kit

The FT30 Face Fit testing kit uses denatonium benzoate to produce a very bitter taste.

The choice between the bitter and sweet test kit is a personal one, however a small percentage of the population are unable to detect saccharin (used in the Sweet Test Solution) in which case the bitter test must be used.

  • 3M FT31 Sensitivity Solution (Bitter) 55ml Bottle
  • A 55ml Bitter Sensitivy Solution for use with the 3M FT30 Bitter Face Fit Testing Kit


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