Anti Money Laundering Online Training Course

Anti Money Laundering Online Training Course

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Anti-Money Laundering Online Training Courses available from just £7.50 per course. You can earn your anti-money laundering training certificate in just 30 minutes with this comprehensive online course. Start your course today.


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Online Anti-Money Laundering Training Course Overview

  • PLEASE NOTE: This course cannot be taken on a mobile phone
  • Professional Online Training Course
  • Course can be taken on desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Instant 24/7 access
  • Download certification upon completion
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Chartered health and safety e-learning supplier

Anti -Money Laundering Training Course Online

Money laundering is when money (or assets) secured by criminal activity is then exchanged for money or other assets that are 'clean'. It's a serious global issue and it's important that you aware of why and how your organisation could be targeted.

This online anti money laundering training course describes the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and explains the significance of the Proceeds of Crime Act (PCA).
Workers will learn how to identify possible signs of money laundering in the workplace and how any involvement on their part is an offence; this includes, money stolen or obtained by fraudulent means.

It is also important to know what to do if you suspect criminal activity is going on in the workplace and the appropriate steps to take and who to discuss your suspicions with such as the Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

Once you have successfully completed this anti-money laundering course, you will earn a training certificate.

Who Is the Anti-Money Laundering Training For?

This online anti-money laundering course is for all employees across all industries, especially managers who need to be able to spot signs of money laundering within their organisation.

Benefits of our Anti-Money Laundering Training

  • Ensure employees are aware of why money laundering is an issue
  • Raise awareness of the signs of money laundering
  • Low cost, high quality online training
  • Flexible online training system which means that the course doesn't interfere with working hours and can be completed at a convenient time
  • No costs for travelling to remote training centres to complete the training course
  • No overnight hotel/accommodation costs as the training course can be completed at home

Anti-Money Laundering Course Objectives

This course is designed to explain money laundering, highlight the signs and how money laundered target organisations as well as what you need to do if you suspect money laundering activity.

Anti-Money Laundering Online Training Course Content & Structure

This Anti-Money Laundering Course is broken into four modules with a test at the end.
The course covers:

  • An overview of money laundering
  • Recognising the signs
  • Your Responsibilities
  • The Regulated Sector

Anti-Money Laundering Training Certification

Upon the completion of this 30-minute course, you will be provided with a money laundering certificate which you can download as a PDF.

The certificate will only be available once you have successfully completed the final test on the money laundering training course.

When Can I Take the Anti-Money Laundering Training Course?

You can access the anti money laundering course as soon as you have completed your purchase; there is no waiting around.

The course is accessible at any time of day and on a laptop, desktop or tablet, so it can be taken from the comfort of your home.

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