Alcohol At Work Poster

Alcohol At Work Poster

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Our Alcohol at Work Poster highlights important information on the misuse of alcohol in the workplace. This health and safety poster is aimed at increasing awareness of potential issues and problems associated with alcohol at work.

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Alcohol in the workplace is an increasing issue for employers so it is important that you clearly communicate the dangers of alcohol at work to your employees.

Our Alcohol at Work Poster covers:

  • Misuse of Alcohol at Work
  • Risk of Alcohol Misuse
  • Alcohol Policy at Work
  • Types of Alcohol Misuse
  • Helplines
  • Getting Help with Alcohol Addiction
  • Pregnancy and Alcohol

The alcohol at work poster uses simple bullet points, colourful illustrations and reader-friendly text to help workers understand the importance of identifying and managing alcohol misuse in the workplace.

The poster is supplied as a full colour encapsulated poster, suitable for use in all workplaces.

The Alcohol at Work Poster is 590 x 420mm.

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