What Are CDM Regulations?

by | May 27, 2022

The construction industry is known for being relatively dangerous. Whether you’re working with heavy-duty equipment and hazardous substances, or a hammer and nails, there is an element of risk involved. When considering the human factor, this is even more volatile.

CDM regulations have been implemented to improve the construction industry’s health and safety. Unlike the 2007 version, these regulations apply to everyone in the construction industry, from small companies to large ones. Safety Services Direct explains everything you need to know about these directives.

What are CDM regulations?

CDM regulations are legal requirements that dictate the safe planning and implementation of construction projects. These requirements can help guide any role in construction. The regulations help you to: 

  • Cooperate and coordinate your work with others in your team
  • Know and understand the risks associated with construction and how they are managed on your site
  • Engage with workers and effectively communicate about the risks and how they are being managed
  • Plan projects with all the risks being managed from start to finish
  • Delegate roles and responsibilities effectively

Since these regulations are legally binding and enforceable by criminal law, it is crucial for everyone involved in a construction project to be aware of and follow them. 

The construction (design and management) regulations 2015 are divided into five parts. These are:

  • Part 1: Commencement, interpretation and application
  • Part 2: Client duties
  • Part 3: Health & Safety Duties and Roles
  • Part 4: General requirements for all construction sites
  • Part 5: General

Between these five sections, there are 39 regulations in total. These go through everything from designers’ duties to fire detection and fire fighting. Everything that could pose a security risk at some point, from planning to completion, is included in these regulations.

Tip: Browse through our CDM Compliance Kits to find the perfect option to prepare yourself or your team for these regulations. If you are a contractor, you may find our CHAS Accreditation Course even more beneficial.

What do ‘CDM regulations’ stand for?

CDM regulations stand for Construction (Design and Management) regulations 2015.

When did CDM regulations start?

The original regulations were introduced in 1994 in compliance with European Directive 92/57/EEC. It was then revised and replaced with a new set of regulations in 2007. The current version of the CDM regulations started in 2015. CDM 2015 replaced the previous CDM 2007 on 6 April 2015. The changes from the past version were substantial and included a meaningful change in what constitutes construction.

Under the current guidelines, everything from a home improvement project to large-scale construction falls under the CDM regulations’ umbrella and must be compliant. So the construction (design and management) regulations 2015 now govern the way construction projects of all types and sizes are planned in the UK. 


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